• Buy three or more and get a discount. Deweys Nylon Rifle Brushes feature a brass wire core with nylon bristles. These are designed for use with harsh bore solvent...
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    Art. no. DMB0130NY
  • The fastest bore cleaner on the planet. Hoppe’s BoreSnake® Den™ is a compact carrying case with a built in handle for easy storage between firearm cleanings. It c...
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    Art. no. 24003D
  • TekMats are large enough to handle a fully disassembled handgun with room to spare for tools and accessories. The 3,2mm padding on these mats not only provides a ...
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    Art. no. SKU17-BER-PX4
  • The Shotgun Patch 20 Gauge holder is designed to flex in diameter so that it can pass through choke with varying diameter. Thread: 5/16-27 male Caliber: 20 Gaug...
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    Art. no. HM10020
  • Dewey Brass Pointed Jag. This is the .25 / 6,5mm calibre custom tip. The jag is used to push patches through the bore for effective cleaning. A jag is more effect...
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    Art. no. DM65J
  • Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite is designed and formulated for the professional armorer and competitive sportsman for use in today’s technically advanced w...
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    Art. no. PEFPL04
  • A complete set for cleaning the chamber on bolt rifle. With this set from Dewey you can easily clean in the otherwise difficult to clean chamber. The set comes i...
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    Art. no. DMRBAC
  • A high-quality formula combining protective and beautifying qualities of the finest carnauba, beeswax and silicone. Produces a lustrous water repellent film that ...
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    Art. no. BC23723
  • Refill cotton rolls for Dewey AR-15 Lug Recess & Chamber Cleaning Kit.With these cotton rolls you can clean the action bolt lock. Fits with Dewey cotton roll hold...
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    Art. no. DMCT1