• Bore Tech Black Powder Cleaner is a specially formulated, surfactant based cleaner designed for today’s muzzle loaders and inline black powder rifles. The proprie...
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    Art. no. BTCJ-21016
  • Dewey Brass Pointed Jag. This is the .30 / 7,62mm calibre custom tip with 8/32 thread. The jag is used to push patches through the bore for effective cleaning. A ...
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    Art. no. DM30JM
  • Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite is designed and formulated for the professional armorer and competitive sportsman for use in today’s technically advanced w...
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    Art. no. PEFPL04
  • PROTECT YOUR GUN AND YOUR WORK AREA - The soft thermoplastic fiber surface ensures your gun doesn’t get scratched while the extra thick vulcanized rubber will pro...
    Art. no. SKU36-AR15-GY
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  • The fastest bore cleaner on the planet. Hoppe’s BoreSnake® Den™ is a compact carrying case with a built in handle for easy storage between firearm cleanings. It c...
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    Art. no. 24017D
  • If you want only the best for your gun. VFG Weapon Care is a system that enables a cleaning suited to the calibre for all common calibres. Thus we achieve a maxim...
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    Art. no. VFG661
  • Buy three or more and get a discount. A Dewey cotton mop .17 is perfect for wiping off oil in the barrel before using the gun or applying gun oil in the barrel an...
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    Art. no. DMM20R
  • 9,3x62 / 375H&H. The Blaser R93 / R8 Bore Guide ensures that the cleaning rod pass straight through the mechanism and into the bore without damaging the chamber. ...
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    Art. no. HMBL06
  • Holder for cotton cleaning rolls (Model CT-1), for chamber cleaning of the locking lugs in the acton where the bolt locks. This is a suitable accessory for the J....
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    Art. no. DMLC1