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  • Dewey Nylon Pull Thru Cable for Shotgun is a easy gun cleaning tool of semiautomatic shotguns and guns where it is difficult to use a regular cleaning rod. Easy t...
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    Art. no. DMF34
    287 kr
  • The Dewey Chamber Cleaning Rod is made of brass with a fixed handle. Ideal for cleaning the chamber, screw on a cotton mop or Dewey cotton roll holder with a cott...
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    Art. no. DMCHR
    259 kr
  • Adapter for Dewey Cleaning Rods. This adapter is used on Dewey Cleaning Rod 7mm and 9mm > when you want to use brushes, cotton mops or other accessories with thre...
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    Art. no. DMLGBA
    87 kr
  • Uses a thin coat technology, spreading gun oil evenly in a micro-fine layer. This provides superior lubrication and corrosion protection. Traditional oils tend to...
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    Art. no. GO2
    249 kr
  • If you want only the best for your gun. VFG Weapon Care is a system that enables a cleaning suited to the calibre for all common calibres. Thus we achieve a maxim...
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    Art. no. VFG878
    119 kr
  • Buy three or more and get a discount. Deweys Nylon Pistol Brushes .22 / 5,6mm feature a brass wire core with nylon bristles. These are designed for use with harsh...
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    Art. no. DMB0122PNY
    39 kr
  • Organize and keep all your cleaning rods handy. The Tipton® Cleaning Rod Rack will hold a wide variety of cleaning rods in various shapes and sizes. Accommodates ...
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    Art. no. HMRR335
    299 kr
  • A lens pen that removes fingerprints and dirt on all optics. On one side of the lens pen is a leather vacuum cup. The other side has a pull-out brush to remove lo...
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    Art. no. LP00100
    175 kr
  • The Dewey Gun Care kit for .264 / 6,5mm caliber contains the basic Gun Cleaning Products you need to make a good gun care. This kit fits caliber .25 / .264 / 6,5m...
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    Art. no. DEWSET65
    749 kr
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