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What is break-in and why do you do it?
Break-in is only done on new rifles or with new rifle barrel. This is done to gently shoot in a new barrel until the bullets no longer leave copper residue in the barrel (copper / tombak). This makes cleaning in the future much easier. Break-in is done with ordinary bullets (regular jacked ammunition) and ordinary gun care products (carbon solvent and copper solvent). 

Utrustning break-inThe procedure is that you shoot a shot, then you clean the barrel, this is repeated a number of times. Then you increase the number of shots before cleaning. When the cleaning patches come out of the barrel without or with very little green / blue staining, the break-in of the rifle is complete.

TIP: While doing break-in, take the opportunity to line in the reticle of the scope.


Example of a break-in procedure
Begin by clean the barrel. Often new guns are test shot in the factory before delivery. Then shoot a shot, then clean the barrel, repeat the procedure three times. Shoot three shots, then clean the barrel, repeating the procedure three times. Shoot five shots, then clean the barrel, repeat the procedure five times. The break-in is complete. (different guns/barrels may require more or fewer shots for a break-in)

If you DON'T intend to continue take good care of your rifle, break-in is not something you need to do. The effect disappears or does not matter if you do not continuously clean your gun.


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