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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions




Can I call and order by phone?
ANSWER: No, this is not possible. We have no way to charge over the phone. All orders must be placed through our online store

Do I have to create an account to shop?
ANSWER: No it is not necessary. We have a quick checkout where you can pay directly without starting an account. If you are planning to return and shop again, we recommend that you create an account as this provides several benefits and features such as pre-filled delivery address, order history and more.

Do I have to enter my social security number to shop?
ANSWER: No it is not necessary. 

I forgot my username and password, how do I get a new one?
ANSWER: Do you know which email you used when registering, you can request a new password on the login page. If you have forgotten it or changed your e-mail, please contact us and we will help you.

I'm having trouble logging into my account.
ANSWER: In order for login to work, your computer must be set to accept "cookies" Have you enabled "private browsing" or similar restrictions in your browser, this feature must be disabled as cookies are otherwise blocked. It may also depend on the browser you are using so try with another browser if you have the opportunity. If you still have problems, please contact us.

We are an Association how do we shop?
ANSWER: You can register an account with us, then register as a company. Or you can shop directly at the check out without any account.

We are a company how do we shop?
ANSWER: You can register a company account with us. Or you can shop directly at the check out without any account.

We are a Government how do we shop?
ANSWER: You can register a government account with us or you can email your purchase order to us. Authorities get 30-day credit on invoice.

From which countries can you shop in your online store?
ANSWER: We ship to most EU countries (read more at our SHIPPING & DELIVERY page).

I live in Norway (outside the EU), can I shop with you?
ANSWER: No, unfortunately.

How do you ship the order?
ANSWER: We use Postnord and DHL as freight suppliers. Read more about shipping & delivery here

How long is the delivery time?
ANSWER: If we have the product in stock, it will take about 2-6 business days to arrive. You can see if the product is in stock on the product page and on the product overview.

How do I pay for my order?
ANSWER: You can pay your order in three different ways. Prepayment via EU transfer, mark the payment with the order number and with your name so we know who paid. Card payment, you can pay your order with Visa or MasterCard, American express, Diners club credit/debit card and several other major cards . Or you could pay with PayPal

Is the card payment secure?
ANSWER: Yes, the card payment is made on PayEx payment page which is encrypted and secure. We the vendor do not have access to any information, either about the card or your bank account.

Can I get an invoice on my order?
ANSWER: No, only major companies and authorities can send us a purchase order via email or letter and receive an invoice with 30-day credit.

How to redeem a gift card?
ANSWER: The gift card contains the value and a unique code that can then be used as payment in the check out. The code is filled in the campaign code field and then you click on recalculate and the value of the gift card is added to the check out. The gift cards are valid for five years from the date of purchase. The gift voucher cannot be redeemed for cash, only as payment in our online store.

What are the shipping costs?
ANSWER: It depends on several things, shipping method, weight, volume, whether the package is bulky or not and where it should be sent. Our checkout system calculates shipping cost on your package depending on what products you have in the shopping cart. You can view the shipping cost in the shopping cart.

How long is delivery time for goods that are out of stock?
ANSWER: It may vary. If a stock item ends, it is usually back in stock within a few days but sometimes our suppliers also end up in their warehouse and it can take up to 4-6 weeks. If you are want to know about a specific product please contact us and you will get an estimated date when products are estimated back in stock.

I would like to change my order that I have already sent, how do I do?
ANSWER: If your order has not been shipped, you can change your order. Send us an email or call us and we will help you.

Do you have any store I can visit?
ANSWER: No. We only have a drop-off point in Vålberg, Sweden. If you live nearby or have the roads past, you can pick up your order from us if we have the time and and that you announce before.

I would like to return an item, how do I?
ANSWER: We offer 365-day Open Purchase so if you want to return an item within this time period it is no problem. The item should be returned in the same condition as when you bought it. Send the item to us and make sure you send a letter stating who it comes from. If you paid by card, we will refund the amount of the goods directly back into your card. If you have paid the order in another way then send us information where you want the money deposited. It is also good if you contact us and announce that you return an item. Please note that shipping costs are not refundable.


What do I need for gun care products to clean my gun?
ANSWER: We have a product guide. The guide will help you choose the right gun care equipment for a specific caliber. Choose the caliber you are interested in and get suggestions on products tailored to that particular caliber. Read more about the products or put them in the shopping cart.

The guide can be found here

What is a "JAG"?
ANSWER: A jag is a tip where the patch is attached on the rod. The patch is then pushed through the bore. Jag works in such a way that it pushes the patch against the sides of the bore and clean better than an traditional patch loop. A jag are caliber specific and have exactly the right diameter for each caliber.

How hard need I push the rod, jag and patch through the barrel?
ANSWER: There should be some resistance when the patch is pushed through the bore but you should not have to force it. Never use more than one patch at a time. All cleaning is done from back to muzzle, preferably not from the muzzle!

After firing, the barrel is full of gunpowder deposits and tombak. It is then very important that you have plenty of solvent on the patch, otherwise the first pull through the bore will go very tough. Second patches should also be plenty moist with solvent otherwise the patches tend to "grab hold" in the bore. Also try to pull the rod through the bore with a single movement without having to stop in the middle.

To make the patch go easier through the bore attach the patch slightly to the edge.

NOTE! Be careful if the rod is hard to push through the bore, do not force patch through the bore with force! If a patch should get stuck pour a lots of thin gunoil to reduce the resistance.

What is a Bore Guide?
ANSWER: A bore guide is a gun cleaning tool that protects and simplify bore cleaning. The bore guide ensures that the cleaning rod pass through the action and into the barrel without damaging the chamber. See also our special page on bore guide in the menu on the left.

Which Bore Guide fits my rifle?
ANSWER: We have a Bore Guide for several different gun manufacturer and calibers. See our special page on Bore Guide in the menu on the left for more detailed information.

Which Bore Guide fits the Tikka T3X?
ANSWER: The ABS models fit the Tikka T3 and Tikka T3X.

Why is it different length of the cleaning rods, which should I have?
ANSWER: Dewey's rifle cleaning rods are available in four different lengths, 91cm, (97cm) 102cm and 112cm. (Pistol 33cm, 44cm). This is the length without the handle. The handle is about 7cm. In most cases, 91cm is long enough, but if you have a rifle with a long barrel, it may be a 102cm you need. If you are not sure, then measure your rifle. You measure from the back of the bolt to the muzzle. Some gun owners want a longer cleaning rod they often choose a 112cm cleaning rod. However, the long cleaning rods (112cm) costs extra to ship because the bulky shipping fee.

Which Cleaning rod fits my caliber?
ANSWER: There are Dewey Cleaning Rod fitted for .17 / 4.5mm caliber up to .50 / 12.7mm caliber even for shotgun / black powder.

Cleaning Rod .17 = for caliber .17/4,5mm -.20/5mm
Cleaning Rod .20 = for caliber .20/5mm - .22/5,6mm
Cleaning Rod .20 Set = for caliber .22/5,6mm (recommend for 22LR)
Cleaning Rod .22-6,5mm = for caliber .220/5,6mm – 264/6.7mm
Cleaning Rod 7mm > = for caliber .270/7mm - .35/8,9mm (also recommend for shotgun)
Cleaning Rod 9mm > = for caliber .358/9mm - .50/12,7mm (also recommend for shotgun)

All Dewey Cleaning Rods is deliverd with an adapter for the brushes except the Cleaning Rod .17 and .20 where no adapter is needed. All Cleaning Rods is delivered with a standard jag. See the list below.

Dewey Cleaning Rod .17 = .17/4,5mm jag
Dewey Cleaning Rod .20 = .20/5mm jag
Dewey Cleaning Rod .20 = .22/5,6mm jag (.22lr set)
Dewey Cleaning Rod .22-6,5mm = .22/5,6mm jag
Dewey Cleaning Rod 7mm > = .30/7,62mm jag
Dewey Cleaning Rod 9mm > = .35/9mm jag

Can you replace the "standard" jag that comes with the purchase of a Dewey Cleaning Rod to another caliber?
ANSWER: No. Dewey's Cleaning Rods have a standard jag and a brush adapter that is packaged together with the cleaning rod from the factory. If you need another caliber on the jag, it need to be purchased separately.

Which Cleaning Rod do you recommend for caliber 22LR?
ANSWER: We recommend using .20 caliber cleaning rods, as the .22 caliber rods have been found to be at times too large to fit through those tight barrels. Dewey then recommends the use of a .20 Cleaning rod instead and get a little more clearence in the barrel. 

I have an 8mm caliber rifle, what products do I need?
ANSWER: We recommend Dewey Clening Rod 7mm> There is no "standard Dewey jag" in caliber 8mm but we recommend Jagg 8mm (thread 8/32 male). Patches that fit are round patches 50mm. Dewey bronze bristles 8mm. There is no nylon brush in caliber 8mm but Dewey nylon brush cal .30 / 7.62mm works great.

Can you use a .22-6.5mm cleaning rod for .30 caliber, is there any adapter?
ANSWER: Yes it is possible if you use an 8/32 threaded .30 jag, but we recommend that you use a Dewey Cleaning rod 7mm> instead. A .22-6.5mm cleaning rod gets a bit rank in a large caliber rifle and it becomes harder to clean.

What kind of cleaning rod should I have to my shotgun?
ANSWER: There is a cleaning rod perfectly adapted for shotguns Dewey Cleaning Rod SHOTGUN - 87cm, but you can also use a Rifle Cleaning Rods. We then recommend 7mm> cleaning rod or the 9mm> cleaning rod. You also need an adapter for the shotgun brushes to fit on Rifle Cleaning Rods. The shotgun adapter is called SBA, this adapter can be found under the Adapters menu.

What are the threads on Deweys cleaning rods, brushes and jags?
ANSWER: J. Dewey MFG are American products and therefore have inch threads on all their products. The cleaning rods has a large thread adapted to the jags and the brushes have a smaller thread (brush adapter is included with the rods, brush adapter not necessary on the .17 and .20 rods). In some specific cases, you may need to buy an adapter if you intend to use the cleaning rod with other manufacturer or some large brushes, such as shotgun brushes.

On each product's information page it says what thread the product has.

If you have purchased your cleaning rod from a European hunting store, it is very likely that your rod has millimeter threads and our brushes and jags will not fit together with your cleaning rod. Often these cleaning rods (especially those that are divided into several piece) are of very poor quality and we recommend that you then buy a good quality rod that is not by a well-known brand, Dewey, Hoppes, Pro-Shot, Parker hale or the like.

I have another brand on my cleaning rod, does Dewey's brushes and accessories fit?
ANSWER: It depends on which manufacturer it is on your cleaning rod. Dewey's products have American inch threads. If you have a cleaning rod of an American brand ex, Hoppes, Pro-Shot, KleenBore, Tipton, Tetra Gun and so on, you will most likely fit Dewey's brushes and products with 8/32 male thread. We also sell adapters for Parker Hale cleaning rods. Read more about threads on the product information pages.

Can you use gun oil for both the metal and the gun stock?
ANSWER: No it is not possible. Gun oil and stock oil are two completely different products and a wooden stock can be destroyed if gun oil is used on the wood. A stock oil is also not suitable for lubrication.


How often do I need to clean my firearm?
ANSWER: It depends entirely on how much you use your gun and what requirements you have and how well you want to care for your firearm.

The best is to take care of the firearm every time you used it. This way you have a gun that will last for many years with good precision. The gun care can be very different depending on how many shots you fired or how the weather was the day the gun was used. A rainy day on the shooting range with many fired shots requires more gun care than a sunny hunting day with few shots fired.

If you are looking for the best precision and long lifetime of the firearm, the do gun maintenance thoroughly and every time it is used. If you are not looking for millimeter precision and do not shoot as many shots per year, one or a few cleans a year is enough.

It is important to keep moisture away from the firearm. The moisture causes the metal to rust and the wood to swell. Rust can occur in just a day and can destroy a gun. Wiping moisture from the gun and oiling all metal parts is therefore important to keep the rust away. This also applies to "stainless steel" guns which also rust because the metal is not rustproof.

If moisture enters a wooden stock, it can start to swell and tension can occur, which can result in poor precision.

How do I do a good gun care?
ANSWER: There are many different ways of doing gun care and many different perceptions of what is right. However, we have done a gun cleaning guide where we describe a gun care that we think is a good way. You can find the gun care guide in the menu guides or follow this link.

Do I do gun care in any other way when it is a stainless steel gun?
ANSWER: No, gun care is done in the same way with the same products. The oiling is also important because even a stainless steel guns rust it just takes a little longer.

How do I gun care on a semi-automatic rifle?
ANSWER: If it is possible to remove the barrel (barrel exchanger system) then it is preferable to do the gun maintenance that way. If it is not possible to remove the barrel or clean the rifle from behind with a cleaning rod, than we recommend using a Rifle Pull Thru Cable. You can screw brushes, mops and more on the Rifle Pull Thru Cable.

Do I need both Carbon solvents and Copper solvents?
ANSWER: Yes, in order to get the best effect on the copper deposits in the barrel, you first need to remove the carbon that is on top of the copper deposits. Then the copper solvent freely manages to solve the deposits of copper in the bore.

What tool do I need to do gun care?
ANSWER: You need a cleaning rod suited for the caliber. A jag of the right caliber or a patch loop to attach the patch. Patch of correct size for the caliber to be cleaned. A bronze brush of the right caliber to release hard seated deposits in the barrel. A carbon solvent for removing carbon. A copper solvent for solving copper deposits. A gun oil for lubrication and rust protection.

Can I pull the brush back and forth in the bore?
ANSWER: Yes it works well as Dewey's cleaning rods have ball-bearing so the brush rotates in the grooves in both directions. However, make sure the brush is completely out of the barrel before it is turned and pulled back as the brush otherwise will be destroyed. Also be careful at the muzzle as it is the most sensitive part and damage to the muzzle can affect precision. A Dewey phosphor bronze brush is constructed without sharp edges and of a "soft" metal alloy that does not damage the steel of the barrel.

How to remove molybdenum disulfide in the barrel?
ANSWER: Soak a patch with carbon solvent and push through the barrel. Use a bronze brush and scrub the barrel properly with the carbon solvent. Push some dry patches through the barrel. Soak a patch with copper solvents and push through the barrel. Then use JB pasta. Then clean the bore from the remaining JB residue. The moly that is now left in the barrel need to be removed by shooting some ordinary copper-coated bullets.

Can you do to much gun care?
ANSWER: No, not if you do gun care properly with good equipment, see our gun care guide.

How to make a Break-in?
ANSWER: We have put together a guide on how to do a break-in. Read our break-in guide.

How to care for a silencer?
ANSWER: We have a guide on how to care for and take care of a gun silencer. Read our gun silencer guide.

How do I store my gun the best way?
ANSWER: The gun should be stored dry in 20-60 percent relative humidity. A too dry and hot place can be harmful to a wooden stock as it can dry out and crack. When the relative humidity exceeds 70 percent, metal begins to rust without being wet. To protect the metal against rust, it is recommended that all metal parts be oiled with a thin coat of gun oil. Then the gun is protected if the relative humidity exceeds 70 percent which is not uncommon.


Is there any store I can visit?
ANSWER: No. We only have a delivery point in Vålberg, Sweden. If you live nearby or have the roads past, you can pick up your order if we have the time. If you want to pick up your order, you need to notify us. We will then make an appointment.

Who owns the company?
ANSWER: Vapenprodukter Sverige AB is a Swedish private limited company with its office in Vålberg. The company is owned by the founder and CEO Marcus Sötterman.

How long has the company been around?
ANSWER: The company was founded in 2006. Read more about the company on the About Us page.

Are you looking for staff?
ANSWER: Vacancies can be found here:

Will you be attending any gun fair this year?
ANSWER: We occasionally exhibit at fairs and have previously been exhibitors at the Elmia Game Fair. At the moment there are no gun shows planned.

How does the company manage customer email addresses?
ANSWER: We never disclose our customers' email addresses to third parties or send promotional offers unless the customer has requested this information from us. You can read more information about our privacy policy on our page GDPR Data Protection Regulation.

How does the company handle customers personal data?
ANSWER: We never disclose personal information or other information about our customers to third parties. Only the Police Authority is entitled to request information from us if there is a criminal suspicion. You can read more information about our privacy policy on our page GDPR Data Protection Regulation.

How long is your return policy?
ANSWER: We offer 365-day Open purchase which means you can return the unused item within 365 days and get your money back. If you want to return an item, please contact us before returning.

Do you do maintenance work on firearms?
ANSWER: No, we have no gun workshop and do not do any maintenance work.

Do you also sell firearms?
ANSWER: No, we do not sell any guns or firearms parts that require a gun license. We also do not sell any ammunition.