• Refill cotton rolls for Dewey AR-15 Lug Recess & Chamber Cleaning Kit.With these cotton rolls you can clean the action bolt lock. Fits with Dewey cotton roll hold...
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    Art. no. DMCT1
  • Buy three or more and get a discount. Deweys Nylon Pistol Brushes .44 - .45 Caliber feature a brass wire core with nylon bristles. These are designed for use with...
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    Art. no. DMB0145PNY
  • Dewey Cleaning rods are the best rods on the market and what other manufacturers are trying to match. The core of the rod is made of stainless spring steel which...
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    Art. no. DM35C44
  • Cuts Through Toughest Bullet Jacket & Powder Fouling - Cushioned Abrasive Action Leaves Bores Sparkling - Won't "Eat" Stock FinishesThe original, time-proven form...
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    Art. no. BN65012
  • 6.5mm / 7mm / .308Win / 7.62 / 30-06 / 8mm. The Blaser R93 / R8 Bore Guide ensures that the cleaning rod pass straight through the mechanism and into the bore wit...
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    Art. no. HMBL04
  • SBA – Converts 7mm > & 9mm > cal. Rods to Accept Shotgun Brushes12/28 Female to 5/16 x 27 Female Threads
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    Art. no. DMSBA
  • 16 - 12 - 10 Gauge / Dewey's cotton flannel patches are high quality.Dewey's patches are pre-shrunk cotton sheets that have excellent absorption properties and ma...
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    Art. no. DMP121
  • Brass Pointed Jag. This is the .45 / 11,4mm calibre custom tip with 8/32 thread. The jag is used to push patches through the bore for effective cleaning. A jag is...
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    Art. no. DM45JM
  • The Dewey Gun Care kit for .35 / 9,3mm caliber contains the basic Gun Cleaning Products you need to make a good gun care.This kit fits caliber .35 / 9,3mm CONTAI...
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    Art. no. DEWSET93