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Dewey läskstång
The cleaning rod is the most important tool in gun cleaning tool box and a good cleaning rod is important to be able to clean properly and efficiently.

What you should avoid when buying a cleaning rod are those rods that are divided into several parts and those that are made of brass. The rod will become unstable and it risks of unscrewing inside the barrel. The joint can also damage the barrel as there will be a sharp edge inside the barrel.

Brass rods where there is a risk that small hard particles get stuck in the metal and act as a sandpaper inside the barrel. A hard smooth cleaning rod is therefore recommended or with a soft coating where it does not stick to particles. The rod should also be as coarse and rigid as possible, as this facilitates gun cleaning and reduces the risk of damage.

Dewey's cleaning rods have a core of stainless spring steel which gives it excellent strength and stability. Most of the rods are covered with nylon as an extra protection inside the barrel. The handle is fitted with a ball bearing so that the cleaning rod rotates with the grooves and thus effectively cleans.

Dewey's cleaning rods available in different lengths, 91cm 102cm and 112cm. (Pistol 33cm, 44cm). This is the length without the handle included. The handle is about 7cm long. In most cases 91cm is long enough, but if you have a rifle with a long barrel or a high cheek piece you may need a longer rod. There are also shorter and longer rods to speciall order.

The length of the bar you need depends on the length of your barrel or if you have a high high cheek piece. If you are not sure, then measure your gun. You measure from the back of the bolt to the muzzle. If you have a high cheek piece, measure behind the cheek piece. Some shooters want a longer cleaning rod as it speeds up the gun cleaning when you do not have to pull your hand over the cheek piece. They often choose a 112cm cleaning rod.

Threads on Dewey cleaning rods. Dewey is American made and therefore has American threads on all its products. The cleaning rod has a large male thread suitable for jags and the brushes have a smaller thread (it comes with a brush adapter with all the cleaning rods that require it). In some specific cases, you may need to buy an adapter if you intend to use the cleaning rod with other manufacturers products or with large shotgun brushes. 

There are cleaning rods for caliber .17 / 4.5mm up to caliber .50 / 12.7mm and also for shotgun and black powder.

Dewey Cleaning rod .17 = for caliber .17 / 4.5mm -.20 / 5mm
Dewey Cleaning rod .20 = for caliber .20 / 5mm - .22 / 5.6mm
Dewey Cleaning rod .20 Set = for caliber .22 / 5.6mm (we recommend for 22LR)
Dewey Cleaning rod .22-6.5mm = for caliber .22 / 5.6 - 264 / 6.7mm
Dewey Cleaning rod 7mm> = for caliber .270 / 6.9mm - .35 / 8.9mm (also suitable for shotguns)
Dewey Cleaning rod 9mm> = for caliber .358 / 9mm - .50 / 12.7mm (also suitable for shotguns)

All cleaning rods come with an brush adapter except cleaning rod .17 and .20 where no adapter is needed. All Dewey cleaning rods is delivered with a standard jag. See the list below.

  • Dewey Cleaning rod .17 = .17/4,5mm jag
  • Dewey Cleaning rod .20 = .20/5mm jag
  • Dewey Cleaning rod .20 = .22/5,6mm jag (.22lr set)
  • Dewey Cleaning rod .22-6,5mm = .22/5,6mm jag
  • Dewey Cleaning rod 7mm > = .30/7,62mm jag
  • Dewey Cleaning rod 9mm > = .35/9mm jag
  • Dewey Cleaning rod .22-6,5mm Pistol 30cm = .22/5,6mm jag
  • Dewey Cleaning rod7mm > Pistol 30cm = .38/.357/9mm jag
  • Dewey Cleaning rod .22-6,5mm Pistol 44cm = .22/5,6mm jag
  • Dewey Cleaning rod 7mm > Pistol 44cm = .30/7,62mm jag

Dewey's cleaning rods are available into five different sizes (.17 / 4.5mm) (.20 / 5mm) (.22-6.5mm) (7mm>) (9mm>) We sometimes get asked if you need several cleaning rods or if you can manage with one for all calibers. And technically it is possible to manage on a single rod but it requires some adapters to work. This is something we advise against as a thin rod becomes very fragile in a large caliber rifle and it becomes more difficult to clean or you could damage the cleaning rod.

Dewey hagelläskstångFor shotguns, there are customized cleaning rods with shotgun threads, but you can also use the 7mm> and 9mm> cleaning rods for shotguns. But you need an adapter that converts the thread to shotgun size thread.

Accessories for Dewey soft bars. There are a lots of tools and accessories that fit together with Dewey's cleaning rods such as jag, Parker Hale style jag, patch loop, VFG holder, brushes, nylon brush, cotton mop and more.

Dewey smutsig pipa?

If you are considering purchasing a quality cleaning rod, we then recommend a one piece cleaning rod from a well-known brand, Dewey, Hoppes, BoreTech, Tipton, Parker hale or similar, then it will be easy to find accessories such as brushes, jags, patch loops that will fit in the future.

22lr ammunition


Information från J. Dewey Mfg. Co. 
"The rods have a tolerance level in terms of how much nylon adheres to the steel during the coating process. Some are a few thousandths thicker than others. However, we check every rod prior to assembly through a rimfire barrel to be sure that they will pass through any .22 rifle. There have been instances when a rod was a little tight in certain barrels but they are rare. Some rimfire shooters prefer to use .17 or .20 caliber rods in tighter .22 barrels to give themselves extra clearance. J. Dewey Mfg. Co."