2020-01-01 Happy New Year! We wish all our customers a good 2020.

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Today, December 10, is the Nobel Day in memory of Alfred Nobel. We who practice shooting or hunting have many of his inventions to thank. Therefore, we have chosen to open our International shop this day with focus on sales to customers in Europe. Welcome!

 The postal strike in Finland is over. Deliveries to Finland are sent as usual.

 Problems with deliveries to Finland. Since November 11, there have been strikes in Finland. PAU, Finland's Postal and Logistics Union, is now embarking on a new two-week strike and several other unions are implementing support measures, which will increase the conflict which has a significant impact on transport to and from Finland.

New products from TekMat in stock, Ruger Mark IV and Sig Sauer P320.

New product. Patch Catcher efficiently collects dirty patches and prevents splashes and reduces solvent odor, which is good for indoor gun care.