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  • Dewey Rifle Gun Care kit .264 / 6,5mm
  • Dewey Rifle Gun Care kit

Dewey Rifle Gun Care kit .264 / 6,5mm

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The Dewey Gun Care kit for .264 / 6,5mm caliber contains the basic Gun Cleaning Products you need to make a good gun care. 
This kit fits caliber .25 / .264 / 6,5mm 


  • 1piece Dewey Cleaning Rod cal .22-6,5mm - 91cm
  • 1piece Dewey Brass Jag .22 / 5,6mm Caliber
  • 1piece Dewey Brass Jag .25 / 6,5mm Caliber
  • 1piece Dewey Round Patches 38mm (100/Bag)
  • 1piece Dewey Brush Adapter SMBA .22 till .260
  • 1piece Dewey Bronze Rifle Brush .264 / 6,5mm Caliber
  • 1piece Dewey Nylon Rifle Brush .264 / 6,5mm Caliber
  • 1piece Dewey Cotton Mop .22-27

This set can also be supplemented to fit other calibers.

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