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Dewey Round Patches 50mm (500/Bag)

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.27 - 35 / 7 - 9mm caliber / Dewey's cotton flannel patches are high quality. 
Dewey's patches are pre-shrunk cotton sheets that have excellent absorption properties and maintain their size even in wet conditions.
The patches can be used with Jag, Parker Hale Jag or Patch Loop. We recommend the square patches if you are using a Parker Hale style jag and the round for the Brass Pointed Jags.

Also note that the size of patch and calibers listed are recommended for use with a jag. If you are using a patch loop then you might want to go a size up until you get the desired resistance you are looking for.

Suitable for .27 - 35 / 7 - 9mm caliber
Packaging: 500 pcs
Diameter: 50mm

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Partno: DMP2715
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